Themes of 1st International symposium on Nature Grid in Green Campus and City

A unique combination of energy saving schemes and greening architecture can be shown in a wonderful harmony in the middle of the campus representing our vision and implementing a real application of green energy. Green cubes and artificial river are forming the harmony and delivering a message towards green energy. Different departments are involved in this issue aiming to attract more industries and create bridges between business and academia. Furthermore, international collaboration is one of our targets where expertise from different countries can share their ideas with us.

1. Create eco and energy relevant researchers network.
2. Energy management state of the art and creation of system solutions considering environment.
3. The role of biotope structures and greening architectures on environment conservation.
4. Energy storage with a better performance and more economical considering the improvements on EV/renewable designs.
5. Advanced hydro turbines with a high efficiency in the renewable energy domain.

Proposed Preferential Topics
1. Green Energy
2. Smart Grid
3. Electric Vehicle utilization to the grid.
4. Renewable energy exploitation and power generation
5. Solar Energy
6. Batteries and electric storage devices.
7. Biotope structure and architecture.
8. Industrial-academia collaboration on green energy.
9. Energy Polices.

The symposium consists of paper presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussion, technical tour and dinner. Papers within our scope are welcome to be presented during the symposium with a limited capacity (Please submit your paper by August 15th). Interested participants are kindly requested to register their attendance by simply sending email to the organizers by September the 5th.